Entrepreneurship and Enterprise Development

  • Capacity Building and Training
  • Pathways towards Sustainable Livelihood
  • Business Development Services
  • Aggregation Models

Development of entrepreneurship knowledge & skills and creation of sustainable enterprises is one of in the core focus of SCORE. At SCORE we work in a continuum – from idea to invoice (i2i) to strengthen entrepreneurial & management skills, and to promote an entrepreneurial ecosystem through capacity building and training, designing sustainable strategies, business development services and aggregation models. We leverage an Internationally recognized and proven ILO (International Labours Organization) pedagogy of GYB (Generate your Business Idea) & SIYB (Start and Improve Your Business) to instil entrepreneurship skills within aspirants

Our role ranges from generating business ideas to developing tools, protocols, business plans and programmes, facilitating institutional and market linkages for the creation and promotion of micro and small enterprises.

Following initiatives strengthen our conviction as these led to significant value addition