Local Knowledge Convergence

  • Traditional Knowledge Upscaling
  • Technology Integration
  • Good Practices Replication
Local, or indigenous knowledge refers to the cumulative and complex bodies of knowledge, know how, practices and representation that are maintained and developed by local communities, who have long histories of interaction with the natural environment (UNESCO, 2012).

Every community and society have a rich pool of local knowledge resources, skills, expertise, experiences and insights, generally tapped or applied to respond to daily life challenges, requirements and certain needs which may range from health to housing, beliefs and practices, certain patterns of living, doing, choices of livelihood, co-existence and so on. At SCORE we work towards recognising and upscaling this traditional/local/indigenous knowledge through action research, technology innovation, community interaction and good practices replication. The focus is to be relevant and contemporary by leveraging fusion of various local expertise

and drive innovation in design which is aligned to market expectations.

We constantly innovate through blending local wisdom, as it is evident from our endeavour