Resilience and Access Models

  • Institutional Framework – Form and nurture SHG, CIG, Farmers collectives
  • Thematic Mainstreaming – Raise consciousness about Climate Change, Gender, Poverty, Preventive health, Legalities & Improved quality of life  
  • Technical and Life Skills – Bridge knowledge & skill gaps through Vocational Leadership, Communication, Soft and Digital skills

Resilience refers to the capacity of an ecosystem to recover from environmental stresses due to climate change, pandemic, pollution and other force majeures and ability of individuals or groups or communities to cope with social and economic challenges and crises at the earliest.   SCORE believes in building resilience at the individual, family and community levels to ensure inclusive and sustainable

At individual level, it is generally perceived as an individual’s ability to effectively cope with stress and adversity. This may be achieved through enhanced technical and life skills, and sustainable livelihood choices.

At family level, resilience refers to abilities of families to cope with transitions and situational difficulties, to adjust, adapt and even thrive despite social and economic hardships as opposed to non-resilient family that often tends to give up more easily or give in to pressures and pulls of life. At SCORE we facilitate insulating families from adversity by imparting skills, sensitising them about gender, environment, climate resilient strategies, health and legal aspects.

At community level, concerted efforts are made to strengthen social capital, social networks and cultural resources embedded in communities, community-based institutions and inter-dependence. SCORE creates and nurtures community institutions, builds required infrastructure and empowers community in dealing with risks, day to day challenges and in turn prepares the community effectively for future.

Access model essentially refers to people’s access to basic facilities, services, ensuring access to bank, institutions, PRI, market, and facilitating access to knowledge, information and resources to collectivise, create choices and to impact lives and livelihoods.  SCORE builds bridges, facilitates interlinkages, strengthens access through increased knowledge, capacity and motivation. We believe in nurturing and strengthening values, practices, confidence which eventually result into increased participation, decision making, preparedness to leverage opportunities and services meant for them. 

Evidences on the ground and successes therein demonstrate SCORE’s effort in this direction